KEEP(it together for goodness)SAKE

Posted by Karen at 2010-04-20 07:13:31

Most of us are good about filling out the baby book -- well, at least for the first child or two.  The milestones seem to come so quickly and it's all so exciting.

Then comes grade school.  Instead of writing things down (no more first steps but lots of firsts), we tend to collect report cards and class photos in various places and we kind of remember teachers and friends, but it's far less organized.  I wish I had one of these School Days Binders from Exposures when my kids were in Elementary School.  It would have been a great place to tuck those momentos during the year and jot down highlights from each year.  Exposures products are always top quality and always appreciated.  So whether a gift to yourself or a friend, this is a top pick for me.   

I always take time to remind first time parents how important it is to write things down because as much as you think you'll never forget....those early words or that special song....sadly you often do.  I just wish I had taken my own advice and documented special notes and moments beyond toddlerhood.  Now, it seems that 4th grade chorus, 6th grade science fair and first school dance are all blending together.  Hopefully the report cards in various drawers and boxes of paintings and papers will help me piece it all back together before my grandkids arrive in my life!  Cheers.



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