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Ever since I was a little girl growing up in suburban Philadelphia in the '70s, I have relished the challenge of finding creative, thoughtful gifts at a reasonable price.  Adding a homemade card, complete with a rhyming poem, rounded out the perfect gift.  Decades later I am inspired by the prospect of sharing ideas to make group gift giving exciting and meaningful.  Cheers -- Karen

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Amazon is Here!

Posted by Karen at 2009-06-22 00:00:00

The FrumUs team is pleased to announce the addition of Amazon as a featured merchant.  FrumUs users now have easy access to virtually any gift idea under the sun.  Amazon even offers the option of an electronic email gift card!  My boys both got electronic birthday gift certificates from their grandma just a few weeks ago.  One chose a new pair of Jordan basketball shoes and th ... Keep Reading

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True Story: FrumUs to the Rescue in 24 hours!

Posted by Karen at 2009-06-16 13:57:55

My son’s Little League baseball team lost their first playoff game on Sunday afternoon and the coach invited everyone over to his house for a pool party on Monday afternoon.  UGH!  Nobody had collected for the coach.  Maybe we all subconsciously hoped we'd be playing longer into the playoffs or maybe we're just not organized enough or (likely) both.   ... Keep Reading

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Great deal on Exposures Memory Tray

Posted by Karen at 2009-06-19 13:59:20

Check out this Summer Patio Memory Tray from Exposures!  It's on clearance for $16.99.  What a great gift idea to send as a "thank you" if you're invited to someone's summer home or after a family vacation to give to the organizer.  I have always been a big fan of Exposures.     ... Keep Reading

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Those Awkward Office Collections

Posted by Karen at 2009-03-09 19:21:57

 Office group gift collections are a great way for a "work family" to get together and show support for one another -- whether it's a new baby, birthday or get well.  But in these challenging economic times, be particularly careful about the occasion and the approach for organizing.   Taking time to get together and spoken or written well wishes on a card are sometimes the most ... Keep Reading

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Recipe Collection Group Gift Idea

Posted by Karen at 2009-02-20 13:26:21

I came across a fabulous group gift idea that I had to share.  Photoworks Fabulous Recipes Cookbook  Several options came to mind on how to put this to use for a group:-- A group of neighbors or friends could all share their favorite recipes and special notes/photos for a birthday or wedding gift or for someone who is moving. -- With Mother's Day coming up perhaps someone could raid mo ... Keep Reading

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Valentine's Day Gifts with Lasting Impressions

Posted by Karen at 2009-01-22 16:42:03

Valentine's Day is around the corner, as are the eternal questions..."Gift or flowers?  What to get the guys?  Yes or no to gifts for the kids?"  When my husand and I were dating he was a card carrying member of the "don't let Hallmark tell me when I need to buy flowers" club.  He came up with some great alternatives...from teddy bears to Coach leathergoods to a camera one ye ... Keep Reading

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Connected But So Distant

Posted by Karen at 2010-01-21 08:10:25

This blog post is not about gift giving in its typical sense...I thought it was important to share as we celebrate new beginnings this MLK/Inauguration Day.  While we are no longer judged by the color of our skin,  the question before our children now is, "What IS the content of their character?"    CONNECTED BUT SO DISTANTWe are raising children who……Don&r ... Keep Reading

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No Thank You On Handwritten Thank Yous

Posted by Karen at 2009-01-02 12:22:52

I love to write, I’m known to be thoughtful (sometimes) and yet I’m a terrible thank you note writer.  I think it’s because thank you notes are like doing laundry for me…I like the end result but there are just too many steps and no clear deadline.  Find or buy the note card, write the note, find the address, find the stamps, get them to a mailbox.  So I just ... Keep Reading

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Holiday '08 Winners & Losers Don't Add Up

Posted by Karen at 2009-01-07 12:23:29

I’m confused….the proverbial “they” predicted that holiday shoppers last month would take advantage of the deep discounting to purchase essentials vs. “nice to haves.”  But online purchasing data released this week by comScore indicates the big winners year-over-year were sports and fitness (+18%) and video games and consoles (+14%), while two of the bigges ... Keep Reading

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Gifts For Groups Need Mass Appeal

Posted by Karen at 2009-11-30 16:15:40

When it comes to group gifts there are two ways to slice it…there’s the group getting together to GIVE a gift and THEN there’s the gift given TO a group….most often a couple or family.  Often the rationale for both versions is the same – to save money and increase the impact of the gift. There's nothing wrong with that! The best filter for selecting a group gi ... Keep Reading

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